June 6, 2024

Endless Summer Extravaganza

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Summer is here, and what better way to celebrate than with an unforgettable extravaganza? At LAND Party Rentals, parties are our poison, so let’s beat the summer heat with a bash like no other!

Beach balls, with a big flamingo and mermaid float in the pool. Pink and white photo-op in the background with balloons.

Make a splash at your Summer Extravaganza! Dive into the fun with Jumbo Floaties – the perfect addition to any pool party! Get yours today and let the good times float!

Pink Beach Balls | Spikey Balloons | Mini Drink Floats

These are our new favorite additions to every pool for every party! We partner with Big Shiny Balls to give our favorite partygoers 10% off their purchases!

Use Code: LANDPARTY10 For 10% Off Your Purchase

Green picture backdrop with beach ball balloon arch

Beach Vibes Only! Sip cocktails, sway to island beats, and make memories with the perfect island decor. Pop into paradise with this beachy backdrop for those “Instagram-worthy” pictures!

Beach Balls | Yard Flamingos | Palm Balloons | Pineapple Balloon

Beach ballon arch with tropical table and large light up #6.

Summer Bash turned to Summer Birthday Bash? Set the scene with our GIANT numbers to give your birthday girl or boy the party of their dreams!

Beach Balls

You all know balloons are still our passion! No celebration hits the shore without a “splashy” balloon arch! It’s the ultimate beachside essential for bringing the party to life.

Summer heat can be a real party pooper for outdoor balloons, especially the darker ones! But don’t worry, inflatable beach ball walls are perfect for hot and sunny spots. We love using foils and inflatables as “balloons” for outdoor fun during the summer, saving the regular balloons for the inside where they can shine!

Beach Balls | Sun Balloon | Pineapple Balloon

Event designed by @lafete_eventsanddecor!
Cotton Candy machine and margarita machine set up at party

Moms, envision this: endless summer fun with margaritas and cotton candy for you and the kids! Margaritas and cotton candy are the ultimate additions to your Summer Extravaganza. Let’s turn up the heat and chill out in style!

Margarita Machine | Pina Colada Margarita Mix | Strawberry Margarita Mix

Tropical table and backdrop setup for the party.

As the sun sets on our Summer Extravaganza, memories sparkle like ocean waves. Keep tending to your sunburns and we can’t wait to say “Aloha” at your next event!

Pink Tablecloth | Orange Tablecloth | Leis

Event designed by @lafete_eventsanddecor!

Tables and chairs by @shindigsandsocials!

Collage of Summer Extravaganza Party Essentials

Clear Cups | Fun In The Sun Cups | Flamingo Cup | Drink Floats | Pina Colada Margarita Mix | Strawberry Margarita Mix | Food Tent | Food Basket | Margarita Machine | Condiment Tray | Cooler

Collage of Summer Extravaganza Party Essentials

Sand Castle Toys | Gel Purse | Beach Balls | Flamingo Balloons | Fruit Balloons | Spikey Balloon | Sun Balloon | Leis | Sunglasses | Pink Table Cloths | Beach Towels | Green Table Cloth | Bubbles | Yard Flamingos | Crayola Markers | Crayola Crayons | Bug Fans

Excited to transform your event into an unforgettable soirée? Let’s bring your vision to life, from enchanting balloons to stunning backdrops and every detail in between. Ready to get started? Complete our inquiry form HERE, and we’ll be in touch soon! Don’t miss out on more inspiration—follow us on Instagram HERE and Facebook HERE. Let’s craft memories together and make it the night of a lifetime!

Want to try it yourself? Unlock your DIY potential with these essential items that we use ourselves!

Party On Friends! – The LAND TEAM

Mesh Zipper Pouches | Tool Organizer | Rolling Bag | Clamps | Glue Dashes | Glue Sheets | Clear Backdrop | Black Zip Ties | White Zip Ties | Rubber Mallet | Stakes | Hand Balloon Pump | Garden Staples | Balloon Sizer Box | Glue Gun | Sticky Hooks | White Entertainer Balloons | Outdoor Clips | Portable Air Pump | Spring Clamps

Acrylic Flower Vase | Arch Backdrop Cover | Set Of Glass Vases | Cake Stand | White Coozies | Black Coozies | Deli Paper | Deli Baskets | Black Plinth Covers | White Plinth Covers | Blue Plinth Covers | Plinths | Black Table Cloth | Cocktail Table | White Folding Table | White Folding Chair


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